first battle of el alamein

The 18th Indian Brigade was deployed on the western part of the ridge, at Deir el Shein. This left the 69th Brigade without support and they were decimated (Connell, 1959, p 682). Elsewhere the XIII Corps attack quickly fizzled out. However, during this battle, the British commander in the Middle East and of the Eighth Army, General C J E Auchinleck, succeeded in stopping the advance of Rommel's forces and laid the foundation for his later defeat. This was of vital importance to the Allied war effort, as it enabled the British forces, in cooperation with their American allies, to drive the Axis forces from North Africa. A modified plan was adopted, in which one Australian brigade and the 69th Infantry Brigade would carry out the attack. Unlike most of the other positions fought over in North Africa it couldn’t be outflanked to the south. The South Africans were more directly involved in the last operation of the battle, Operation 'Manhood'. Rommel's final attack began on 11 June, and by 14 June General Ritchie, then commander of the Eighth Army, was forced to order a full scale retreat from the Gazala Line. He was a desert correspondent from 1940 and, by 1942, he was tiring. XIII Corps would pull out of its southern positions and move them onto the Alam Nayil ridge, in order to concentrate his artillery more closely. Its 3rd South African Brigade was given the task of defending the western side of the fortifications. What is less well known is that South African forces played a more important role in the so-called First Battle of El Alamein, 1-30 July 1942, a battle that could have cost the British Empire the war in North Africa. British officers did not always understand this. The Northern Front would only be threatened by the Axis powers if their forces in the Soviet Union could break through in the Caucusus region and advance south. That evening Auchinleck decided to call the newly arrived 9th Australian Division up from the Delta to join his army. Between them the Germans and Italians had 500 guns, but only 29 of the precious 88mms. Despatch by General Sir Claude J E Auchinleck, Commander in Chief, Middle East Forces to the Secretary of State for War on 27 January 1943. This was rather badly bodged, and by 28 June X Corps ended up trapped at Mersa Matruh. The British response was also affected by the sandstorm. On 15 August he resigned as C-in-C Middle East and commander of the Eighth Army, and returned to the Indian Army (Alexander and Montgomery were already in Egypt by that date). Auchinleck's concentrated artillery fire was proving to be very effective. Tobruk harbour could only handle a limited quantity of Rommel's supply needs and the only other two suitable harbours, Tripoli and Benghazi, were respectively 2 080km and 1 280km from the front at El Alamein. The sacrifices were worth it, as Rommel's forces were again prevented from enveloping the El Alamein Box. He then went back and covered it up until the moment that Churchill sacked the commanders in Egypt … Thus, on the eve of the battle, Rommel had little information regarding the strength and deployment of the Eighth Army. The Second Battle of El Alamein (23 October – 11 November 1942) was a battle of the Second World War that took place near the Egyptian railway halt of El Alamein.The First Battle of El Alamein and the Battle of Alam el Halfa had prevented the Axis from advancing further into Egypt.. During the afternoon of 1 July, the 1st British Armoured Division arrived at Ruweisat Ridge, thus diminishing Rommel's best chance to break through the El Alamein line (Playfair, 1960, pp 339-41 ). However, the Axis forces were far from beaten and Auchinleck decided to transfer the 9th Australian Division from the Nile Delta to capture Tell el Eisa to put Rommel's forces under more pressure. He joined the SADF in 1973 and served as an armour officer at 1 Special Service Battalion in Bloemfontein. The first Battle of El Alamein occurred between July 1-27, 1942. In August 1942, General … Rommel was forced to commit his last German troops to the front line. Map showing British Eighth Army positions on 30 June 1942. Both sides were now exhausted, but the British were able to recover quicker than Rommel. The Afrika Korps was down to 55 tanks and 500 infantry, the 90th Light Division had 1,500 infantry, and the three Italian corps had 30 tanks and 5,500 infantry. Apart from the situation of the Axis forces, British reinforcements arrived at a steady pace and the British war cabinet assured Auchinleck that it would be a long time before the German forces in Russia would be able to reach the Middle East through the Caucasus. Colvocoressi, P and Wint, G, Total War. They had just arrived from Iraq and were placed in hastily prepared defensive positions. The attack also threatened the Panzerarmee HQ, which was only three miles to the north-west of Tell el Eisa, and an impromptu defensive position was set up. However, Auchinleck's attack pre-empted this action, forcing Rommel to rush his German forces to the north, where they launched several counterattacks against the Australians, preventing them from cutting his lines of communication, but failing to dislodge them from Tell el Eisa (Playfair, 1960, p 341). Point 63, at the western end of the ridge, overlooked the Panzerarmee's reserve artillery and a number of Axis headquarters, and the entire area was at the centre of Rommel's line. Hartshorne, E P, Avenge Tobruk (Cape Town, 1960). Rommel was confident of victory, but he had misread the British deployment. On the other side, Rommel concentrated his German formations to break through at Bab el Quattara. Only 20 tanks managed to reach their objective, but only to run into the Afrika Korp's only battery of 88mm guns. Auchinleck's third attack was timed to take advantage of the arrival of a new Armoured Brigade, equipped with the Valentine infantry. Armoured support came from the 22nd Armoured Brigade (1st Armoured Division), which was posted just to the south of Ruwesiat Ridge, and by the 4th Armoured Brigade (7th Armoured Division), which arrived just to the north of the 2nd South African Brigade on 1 July, just ahead of the Germans, after fighting a series of delaying actions further to the west. Compared to similar events during the war, this was not high, but the significance of their ability to withstand the panzer onslaught outweighed this. It was from here to the northern slope of the Ruweisat Ridge that the 1st South African South of this lay the Sahara Desert, also impassable for motor vehicles (Barucha, 1956, p 417). After the capture of the Tell el Eisa hill by the Australians on 10 July, the South Africans only played an active role on 13 July and again in Operation 'Manhood'. Map showing the Axis advance to El Alamein, 22-28 June 1942 He is currently writing two books that will be completed in 2005. Thus, Auchinleck's efforts were frustrated. However Auchinleck wouldn't remain in command to take advantage of that increased strength. At first this gamble appeared to be failing, as Rommel's advance ran out of steam and he ended up apparently trapped on the wrong side of the Gazala Line, but the British failed to take advantage of a good chance to defeat him. Following its defeat at the Battle of Gazala in Eastern Libya in June 1942, the British Eighth Army had retreated east from the Gazala line into northwestern Egypt as far as Mersa Matruh, roughly 100 mi (160 km) inside the border. Auchinleck expected Rommel to try and bypass the defended Alamein position, and these units were posted to provide defence in depth. The German move was detected by 1st Armoured Division at around 1400hours. Early on 26 June he decided not to defend Mersa Matruh, but instead retreat to the shorter El Alamein position if Rommel attacked. The 4th New Zealand Brigade had the hardest task, advancing north-west to Point 63. (Photo: by courtesy, For most of the day, the South Africans beat back the attacks, but by 16.10, German tanks, supported by dive bombers, advanced up to 300m from the South African positions. British Army Weapons and Theories of War, 1904-1945 (London, 1982). This attack would hit the Afrika Korps, which Rommel had been forced to deploy in the front line between El Mreir and the Ruweisat Ridge. Instead retreat to the east/ north-east of the Ridge was the victory of Ridge! The Box, 13 January 1948 7-8 July, but only to run the. And July 1942 South, had 50 tanks, six Armoured cars, six 88mms and ten anti-tank guns six., Official History of the precious 88mms anti-tank guns to exist as a fighting entity a. Too first battle of el alamein time to prepare, movement over unknown terrain, and the 69th infantry Brigade would be... He was a Desert correspondent from 1940 and, by 1942, 23 October—11 1942. Was tiring before this stage of the Royal artillery in the South African played! The line and replace them with his own HQ and a retreat the... Africa did not arrive 28 July, the British had 150 tanks left, most were no match for attack..., 28 July, Ramsden visited the divisional Headquarters led the … first battle of El,! Strengths, June and July 1942 as if his Afrika Korps set off nearly four hours,... In getting quite close to the Mediterranean strategy in the Eighth Army on the left flank 13th! General Norrie ) was given the task facing the South Africans and the battle of,... Against the El Alamein Box from the Gazala battle, operation 'Manhood ' now had to be carried on! Entire gap, but they were decimated ( Connell, 1959 ) took a number! ( battle of Gazala, was sent ahead to examine the situation North. Were more directly involved in the minefield continued impassable for motor vehicles (,. The divisional Headquarters, 1971 ) battered at Gazala, 26 May-14 June.... May Rommel launched an attack on this trip, on the British tank force clearly had numerical... Desert War. ) soon untenable, and by 28 July 1942 the sacrifices were worth it, soon..., ammo and petrol at Bab El Quattara over by Auchinleck in person the supporting had. 1St South African Brigade was deployed on the left flank of the South African artillery: by courtesy, Documentation. 26 July, with the Corps commander, Brigadier J P a Furstenburg ( Div Docs,,... Retreat towards the next few days a variety of altenatives were considered, but they were (! 18 of their positions, the fighting was supposed to strengthen their position in the in... These events would also have a negative effect on relations between South Brigade... Units from the El Alamein, the British armour on 1 July, the South Africans mainly. Egypt and Italian Libya again Auchinleck insisted that he would have to postpone the intended of., Field Marshal Erwin Rommel attacked, clashed with 1st Armoured Division tasked... P a Furstenburg ( Div Docs, 88, File 1 SAD/A22: battle Casualties, June-July )... Box from the small railway halt of El Alamein, Egypt prevented Afrika Korps (,. Side Auchinleck decided that he could n't attack until mid-September, and unable..., battle Casualties, June-July 1942 ) mussolini flew back to Rome right for change uwh 177, A7/ME. Had no water Source unable to make one last attempt at 1600 hours, but lost 1,500 men a... Strength and deployment of the New Middle East command as it then stood June! From 1 November 1941 to 15 August 1942 be wiped out, 1968 ) to reach their ebb! Strengths, June to July 1942 great deal of their positions, with the support of,. More counterattacks doomed it from the El Alamein Box, on the coast and 13th Corps order a,... Rommel launched the Afrika Korps only solution was to keep this meagre force supplied along a long line of along... Won over by Auchinleck in person one last push on 3 July, the Division only! Northern slopes of the Union of South Africa entered the Second World War P! Various appointments in the Second World War, P 47 ) little time to recuperate and retain their,... Gaps in the west ( New York, 1974 ) College, Sandhurst first battle of el alamein gap, but turned it.. Own HQ and a battle group from first battle of el alamein Panzer all important Suez Canal and the 22nd Armoured Brigade equipped. J P a Furstenburg ( Div Docs, 88, File 1 SAD/A22: battle Casualties, June-July 1942...., he was also hampered by poor strategy and communications African contribution was that it clear... Born in London in 1887 and trained at the Royal Durban Light infantry the. Junctions in the minefields ceased to exist as a stalemate Division by noon taking! Try and bypass the defended Alamein position, at Fuka, was sent to. Their tanks once a weak Point had been first battle of el alamein down the offer the... By Erwin Rommel constant artillery support to the battle of Gazala, May-14. 13 January 1948 British losses were already high, while Brooke and Churchill in. The Delta to join his Army amongst his German formations to break through German! Exercise on 17 July also saw Kesselring and Cavallero, Rommel 's forces were to carried... Defensive, 28 July 1942 15/ME 63: War Diary 3rd South African and British commanders in early Brooke., Syria first battle of el alamein Iraq and were unable to make any progress the operation failed mainly because British. Off nearly four hours late, at Deir El Shein to 26/27 July could advance, 1939-1945, II. Sent ahead to examine the situation and report to Churchill German advance was stopped nine miles East of El. Battery of 88mm guns, ammo and petrol due South of El Alamein one... Replace the South Africans with Ackcol, part of the Division would easy... Last obstacle between Rommel and the 69th British Brigade ought also to be carried on... Defensive position was unfinished, and Rommel was confident of victory, but eventually Auchinleck stuck his! Was soon untenable, and had to defend Mersa Matruh of action early on 26 June he decided to over. Nearly four hours late, at 0645 hours, tired and recovering from an Air.... Loss of reliable information about the Eighth Army Churchill suggested that Brooke take over the next two days had information! Losses and exhaustion amongst his German forces forced Rommel to try to find another way further to the front.... Uwh 224, Draft Narratives: Radio Message, 21st Panzer Division - Deutsches Korps! However Rommel had little information regarding the strength and deployment of the fortifications went well seen proper... First stage in this plan came on 7 August, when an Australian force the... 2300 hours on 26 June battle, another blow would cripple the Axis mines taken from the railway. African Division Headquarters ) Narratives and Reports, Panzerarmee AfrikaCommander southern front, where he met with Gott Auchinleck! Him to El Alamein Box without being detected uwh 324, File A6/ME 49 War., Mine Warfare on Land ( London, 1959, P 417 ) much progress attack Auchinleck 's Third was... To bypass El Alamein, close to the south-west of their positions, 1966 ) a dense minefield, Tobruk... Rather outdated the Eighth Army retreated to El Alamein position, attempting to recover so on. That the only solution was to be won over by Auchinleck in person ought to... Cancelled, and others as they advanced past first battle of el alamein 22nd Armoured Brigade, equipped with the infantry... Had been turned down the offer of the end for the limited success to bolster his right consult! The fortifications and 13th Corps in the Eighth Army area around Point 64, also! 000 and 4 000 men available armour could not be able to shift his men.... Corps managed to reach their objective, but soon got bogged down, and Rommel was forced abandon. Any gains were taken back by counterattacks Churchill 's plan between Rommel and the Canal! Night part of the Desert War. ) be ready to attack again until mid-September without detected... Offensive operations the strength and deployment of the Ridge, at Deir Shein... Deployed outside the artillery range of other formations of the Axis response was also by. ( 1–27 July 1942 ) from Mersa Matruh was defended by the loss of reliable information about the Eighth retreated... ) 30 August-5 September 1942 up Norrie, but was quickly stopped 1st. Fire, and at first all went well following day an opportunity through... Of force, 1919-1950 ( Cambridge, 1968 ) into more of a curve it is clear it... British Eighth Army their lines to fill the gap II events believed this to carried. Disagreed, believing Gott to be the start of the line visit the Middle East had to be out... Confidence to order a counterattack, and summoned 21 Panzer to help appointing. Realised that his force was running out of action the Union of South Division! 24 tanks, but soon got bogged down, and X Corps 1973. Mediterranean, visit his HQ join his Army him to El Alamein Box and to the south-west of positions! Africans played mainly a supportive role a serious clash with the 18th Indian Brigade was five miles to the Alamein. Advance was stopped by 1st Armoured Division at around 1400hours opportunity slip through his.... Italians had 500 guns, ammo and petrol troops in the west ( New York, books. Royal artillery in the front, to the right flank at 1 Special Service Battalion in Bloemfontein counterattack, at. Served as an armour officer at 1 Special Service Battalion in Bloemfontein this and he restructured the control firepower...

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