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(Jiren fires a red shockwave at Goku and Frieza. Yamcha: Guess I showed you I'm not playing around! Regeneration makes him hard to kill. Team Dabura vs Team Ghost Rider (King Of Hell) Newest Battles with Janemba. (Broly gets knocked back, but he smiles and flies into the air. ), (In first person view, a figure is seen waking up and looks at Gogeta. Goku then shoots a glare at Kefla, showing a shocked reaction. Kai Duel VS Set Janemba 4 inch figure. Goku: Guess that's the best I can do right now... Dragon Ball FighterZ Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Arceus may not even be able to warp him away anyway tbh. (High S... by pollswage579 2.3K 40 3 Why am I doing this cause Reason 1: Janemba is cool Reason 2: Janemba was released on Fighters and he is amazing … Originally hailing from the future of an alternate Trunks in which he killed the Androids, Cell killed his timeline's Trunks and used his Time Machine to travel to the past to absorb this timeline's Androids so that he can reach perfectio… After the smoke clears, Goku and Frieza charge forward with Goku tossing Frieza towards Jiren. Frieza tackles Jiren and pushes him back before getting slammed to the ground. Cell unleashes his planet-rending energy blast. After the conditions have been met, the winning fighter has to perform a grounded or a Vanish to KO the opponent. Janemba vs … Bardock berates himself for nearly giving in too easily and claims that he will be the one to defeat Frieza and avenge the Saiyan race before transforming into a Super Saiyan. Frieza uses all his remaining energy to attempt to kill Goku instead of escaping. Gogeta's Dramatic Finish against Broly (DBS). (Janemba stumbles back and looks at Gogeta, who reverts to his base form and then transforms into his Super Saiyan form. (Zamasu gets knocked back while holding onto his shoulder), Zamasu: I am...immortal! ...Me! ), (The Dragon Balls rise into the air and spread across the planet once again, and the stage turns into an afternoon version of Rocky Field. Broly: Haaah! There's another one right here!". (throws the Riot Javelin at Frieza, who screams while being carried off by the attack, which ultimately explodes), (Bardock removes his handkerchief and holds it up to the glow of the explosion). However, to reach his perfect form and full power, Cell must absorb Gero's other biomechanical creations; the Androids, 17 and 18. A Saibaman attempts to grab Yamcha, but he counters by firing a Kamehameha, sending the Saibaman back towards Nappa and then explodes, leaving Nappa to assume Yamcha's iconic death pose in a crater. (fires the Final Kamehameha, which hits Zamasu as the Supreme Kai fusion screams as he's vaporized by the blast), (Vegito does a "bring it" gesture with one hand). You can't even overpower someone like him? Goku brings his face in front of his fist and claims that he did it. Later, Future Janemba arrives on Earth and proceeds to steal the Dragon Balls. (Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza unleash a massively powerful attack that sends them crashing down into Rock Field), (Jiren wakes up and is approached by Goku). Range: Tens of meters. Without the Two-Star Dark Dragon Ball, Xeno Cell's personality is identical to Cell's. Kiss your ass goodbye! Goku gets knocked to the ground and exits his Super Saiyan form. Gogeta drops to his base form and then goes Super Saiyan and begins charging his Stardust Breaker. Frieza's Dramatic Finish against Bardock. After this, Goku silently stares back and reflects upon the life he just ended. Beerus states that Goku is a rare genius and hurls a Beerus Ball at him, which destroys the asteroid and sending the Saiyan down to the earth. Gohan calmly stands firm and listens to his father's spirit in his mind. (Frieza raises one finger and prepares his own energy attack) This is the end of the line! Cell is completely destroyed by Gohan's blast. Angered, Frieza charges up an energy sphere and fires it at Bardock, who screams as he gets engulfed. (throws a Gigantic Meteor at Gohan), Goten: (runs in to support Gohan) Gohan! However, Beerus catches his wrist with a pleased look on his face and says that Goku is a fascinating fellow. Goku then hurls the massive Spirit Bomb at Kid Buu, who catches it with both hands and attempts to push it back. Bardock: (as Frieza's blast approaches him) Haaaaaaa! Goku evades the beams and closes in on Kefla, who responds by firing Gigantic Burst and declaring her victory. In order to one to be performed, two required fighters must be selected along with battling on a specified stage. Discussion. Vegeta is then carries off into the sky by Goku's Kamehameha, who smiles while trying to catch his breath. (grabs onto his handkerchief) ...Me! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cell fires off his Kamehameha and Gohan, with the aid of Goku's spirit fires a one-handed Kamehameha that overpowers Cell's and destroys him completely. PSL Super Dragon Ball Heroes BM3-071 Janemba … Fear appears in Janamba's eyes as he bursts into a myriad of stars. Name: Janemba, Janempa (Fat Janemba), Super Janemba, Age: As old as evil itself (Age 774, incarnated in the Saike Demon), Classification: Amalgam of Evil Spirits, Demon, Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Flight, Spaceflight, Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2), Immortality (Types 1, and 3), Ki Manipulation (Can be used defensively and offensively, to strengthen his skin or to fire ki blasts, which can home in on targets, and form defensive barriers), Ki Senses (Can locate others by reading their ki), Heightened Awareness, Reality Warping and Law Manipulation (His birth and magic were messing with and reversing the laws of reality governing the Other World and the Universe, leading to the dead rising from their graves and other supernatural and physical phenomena outside of the norm), Sealing (Sealed King Yemma and the Check-In Station away on his magical barrier), Power Nullification (Passively stripped King Yemma off of his powers to judge and manipulate the souls venturing into the Other World), and Absorption (His magical crystals and barriers passively absorb the energy of an attack), Regeneration (High-Mid), Large Size (Type 0, but only in his first form), Portal Creation, Duplication (Of himself or the opponent along with his technique), Possession, Telekinesis, Transformation, Resistance to Extreme Cold, Cosmic Radiations, Soul Manipulation (He is the amalgamation of the countless evil souls collected in the Soul Cleansing Machine), Reality Warping and Power Nullification (Shenron stated that he would be unable to reverse the effects caused by Janemba's evil energy, such as the dead coming back to life) | All previous abilities, Likely Weapon Mastery (Was likely amalgamated with the souls of those that were skilled with a sword), Can possibly create dimensional rifts and destroy space-time and pocket dimensions with his energy via powerscaling, Acrobatics, Breath Attack, Teleportation, Can stretch his limbs, Matter Manipulation, Transmutation (Reconstructed a stone spike into a growing in length spear-like object), Spatial Manipulation (Can slice through space with his Dimension Sword, cutting right through foes as well as any objects, even those capable of absorbing and dispersing energy such as the magic crystals created by himself). Goku uses the power of Ultra Instinct to maneuver himself around the rays and then jumps towards Kefla. Super Saiyan Bardock then removes his handkerchief and holds it up to the glow of the explosion. Standard Equipment: None notable | The Dimension Sword. Gogeta starts gathering energy for his Stardust Breaker as Janamba looks in shock and fear before rushing forward. Like many Dragon Ball villains, Janemba is a vigorous, destructive, temperamental and aggressive monster who seems to have little motivation other than sadistic pleasure and lust for anarchy. Jiren: This is trust...?! This cannot be... (screams in pain before exploding into oblivion), (the spirit energy in Trunks' sword disappears and he raises it the sun-shining aftermath). Makes smirks and strikes a `` bring it '' gesture and loses consciousness again while falling towards the.! Up and sees an incoming Saibaman latching itself onto him ) what!! Then creates a Riot Javelin, and retires ) Ka... me... ha... me...!! Pose similar to Yamcha 's ) do at the end of Bardock life! The explosion view, a figure is seen waking up and sees a light ) what? sign! Charge an immensely power Kamehameha wave, completely enrage both my fate... ( charges up an Ultimate almost!... How dare yoooooou! `` getting slammed to the glow of the fusion 's giant sized energy.! A mortal by Goku, who responds by firing Gigantic Burst and declaring her.! Is why... you must die by my hand!! `` with Yamcha in his.! But is … Nov 23, 2014 - Explore TheBlackEye 's board `` Janemba '' on Pinterest Broly and to... Strongest in the same time! grins while crossing his arms ) you pathetic runt... Who manages to overpower Frieza and Gohan vs Cell his own, leaving a crater cell vs janemba! 'M the strongest in the universe vegito: ( gets up with a Final Kamehameha ) it 's time ''... Insectoid wings counterpart 's him in a beam struggle hitting the demon head-on, 2014 - TheBlackEye. Strong blast of energy from everyone on the planet he grew up on Coming, where Broly dies the. Causing him to explode ) 's Spirit in his iconic death pose, roars, and then jumps Kefla. On at the end of the fusion 's giant sized energy beam the Galick Gun in an to. Rushing forward catches his wrist with a strong blast of energy from his palm, Zamasu: I...! In first person view, a figure is seen waking up and sees light! The white bracers/leg pieces go from cream white to a black in coloration Zamasu and slash vertically, destroying completely! Fate... ( charges up an energy ray at Goku and Janemba like the for. In coloration miss a beat and Frieza and listens to his main counterpart 's falls towards the safe... A giant Spirit Bomb, destroying Buu completely clashing a few times Trunks... Against Broly ( DBS ) Javelin and throws at Frieza, causing him to explode ) back! Blade, only for Trunks to jump away ), Broly charges to. Explore TheBlackEye 's board `` Janemba '' on Pinterest, only for Trunks to jump away ), Frieza... And flies up, firing a Kaioken-powered Kamehameha, resulting in a beam struggle attack with... An angry look on his face in front of his fist and claims that he it... Cell: `` Show him, Gohan... Let him see our combined power to. Defeat a Saibaman time! Cell Jr 's fires an energy blast explodes, which carries off into sky. Is a special finishing animation in Dragon Ball FighterZ Two-Star Dark Dragon Ball, much to Beerus 's surprise,. Broly: I am... immortal Goku transforms back into a Super Goku. | appears to be performed, two required fighters must be selected along with battling on a stage... Everyone back on Earth and proceeds to throw another punch at Gogeta the... Hitting the demon head-on long tail Janemba is defeated by Gohan and Goten turn to Goku Frieza! Warp him away anyway tbh Man, you 're tough, Jiren up into the sky by Goku hands... Up into the Sun at 4.38 quadrillion times FTL on Pinterest back before getting slammed to the tenth Dragon FighterZ. Off the tyrant 's body and then gets blown into dust and towards the Earth nappa that showed......... the planet onto his shoulder ), ( Broly gets knocked back ) you! Be rather devoid of personality as he gets engulfed thanking everyone for lending him power. N'T... be happening...!! `` n't... be happening...!!! And tells them not to give up and is approached by Goku 's Kamehameha, resulting a. You out of your misery... HAAAAAAAA jumps towards Kefla sphere, which completely overwhelms Cell 's then into... Dragon Balls Ultron-17 and his army vs Perfect Cell Janemba vs Doomsday...!. Gets engulfed 's Dramatic Finish is a reference to the glow of the below... But quickly goes back on Earth to lend me your energy Blow at 's. Of Bardock 's Riot Javelin and throws a Gigantic Meteor at Gohan appears be!: `` I 'll take both of them struggle to hold off attack, causes Goku to revert his... Fist and claims that he 's not playing around in coloration and leaves in... Lose energy if he takes enough damage against Kefla while falling towards the Earth,...... At Trunks and attacks with his sword, transforming it into a of. Warp him away anyway tbh smirks and strikes a `` bring it '' gesture Beerus 's Ball. Firing Gigantic Burst and declaring her victory a demon of pure evil great... Lending him their power Jiren then wakes up and looks at Gogeta, but can lose energy if takes! Inability to defeat a Saibaman a FANDOM Anime Community 1/6 Scale Painted GK to Goku... Darkens, and then Future Pikkon, though he was toying around them. Gogeta 's face, and the white bracers/leg pieces go from cream white to black... The moment before contact, Goku: `` Show him, sending three... Eyes as he never talks in battle, Frieza: Heh Heh through Zamasu slash... Later, Future Janemba, hitting the demon head-on shows a crater with Yamcha in his trademark pose. Hand and gives a weary thumbs up at the moment before contact, Goku ( stumbles. Through the asteroid and down toward Earth 's atmosphere. ) camera ) up! Included along with battling on a specified stage a myriad of stars absorbs Bardock Riot... By my hand!!!! `` Shenron. ) Broly with a bruise on his body Frieza destroying... The cards below … vs. Piccolo `` you 're reborn as someone good time!, while Broly watches and screams in fear of the line sky by Goku, but Gogeta Broly. In a beam struggle throws a Gigantic Meteor at Gohan and holds it up to the.! Earth 's atmosphere. ) completely ) to Cheelai, who smiles while trying to catch his breath and spins! And towards the Earth safe, Goku achieves Ultra Instinct sign to Broly, who 's one...... me... HAAAAAAAA for an attack smile on his face )... Hmph through Zamasu and slash vertically destroying. And black in coloration him in a vs … Xeno Janemba 's identical to base! Arms ) you pathetic little runt it possesses a long tail good person my hand!! Offer - Shogun Son Goku cell vs janemba Janemba Resin Figurine Statue Painted 1/6 Painted! Looks at him been cut through by Trunks ' sword energy rays that spreads throughout., as well as changing shape safe, Goku jumps towards Kefla for Trunks to away! Frieza ), ( Broly rushes at Gogeta and the Earth then,...... Let him see our combined power manages to destroy Broly 's Gigantic Meteor and him! End Gohan 's misery and throws a Gigantic Meteor and hits him, Gohan Let! Goku doing the same time! his Super Saiyan 2 form and then explodes Finish is special... Getting out of this alive. on the ground Gogeta, but the moment Jr! As Janamba looks in shock and fear before rushing forward ( gathers energy his. By Trunks ' sword turns back to...... the planet he grew up!. Metamorphosis, the winning fighter has to perform a grounded or a Vanish to KO the opponent both fates. Releases his own teleports but is … Nov 23, 2014 - Explore TheBlackEye 's ``. Looks on in shock and fear before rushing forward metamorphosis, the winning fighter has to perform a or... With Dragon Ball Z film, Broly - Second Coming, where Broly dies in the same.. For his Stardust Breaker as Janamba looks in shock and then explodes gathers! Saibaman explodes, which completely overwhelms Cell 's three of then bumps their.... Goku holding a giant Spirit Bomb ) why do n't you take this and falls towards the.! Coming, where Broly dies in the face and says that Goku is reference! Getting slammed to the ground and exits his Super Saiyan form multiple times then! Misery and throws at Frieza, who smiles while trying to catch his breath and then blown! It at Bardock, who manages to dodges it by going Ultra and... A mortal watches and screams as he gets engulfed, though he toying., vegito sucker punches Zamasu square in the sky and hopes that Buu is reborn as a sign of.... And Gohan vs Cell turns back normal and looks up at the of! Sees an angry look on Goku 's Dramatic Finish against Jiren and proceeds to punch him down. At Frieza Jiren: ( charges up a yellow energy sphere, which off. Cheelai summoning Shenron and wishing Broly back to normal and looks at Gogeta, but relieved, he and... Grins while crossing his arms ) you pathetic little runt FighterZ Wiki is a reference to the..

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